Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Attack is the best form of defence

I am afraid that I have to admit that I haven't heard of The Equality and Human Rights Commission. I don't know where they are based. I don't know who is in charge. I am guessing but I think they are involved with issues of equality and human rights. They are taking legal action against the BNP for their membership restrictions for those with an ethnic background.

I have heard about the race relations act and I have found it surprising that nobody has questioned the BNP's policy before. So now this commission have started proceedings against the BNP leader. The reason why I have owned up to my ignorance is because the BNP described this as a "pathetic attempt" to divert attention from the commission's own problems. Now they may have problems but I don't know about them. If they really wanted to divert attention from their own problems, whatever they may be, their best method would not be to irritate an opponent. Even if you support the BNP please see this response as nothing more than a PR diversion tactic itself. They have not defended themselves but it looks like they will now get a chance to do so.

This is a very professional attempt by the BNP to divert attention from its own problems. It reminds me of the day after the European elections. Nick Griffin went to Westminster (why?) to get eggs thrown at him. Before the organised confontation began Nick got out of his car and waved to a crowd. Well when I say crowd I mean a crowd of cameramen. It is a slick image but no substance. How are we to believe that the BNP's policy is legitimate. Well it will be tested but before we get any answers why not divert attention from the problem itself.

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  1. Perhaps the Equality Commission should at the same time (in order to show complete fairness and equality) take proceeding against the Black Police Association. Or perhaps it should be balanced by having a White Police Association.
    I have not seen on television any violence orchestrated by the BNP. But the anti-fascist element seem more than capable of mounting there own violence against the police.
    And, 'human rights'; well my perception, and I feel that I am not on my own, is that the majority of people who seem to insist on THEIR RIGHTS are those that have impugned the rights of other more law abiding citizens.
    Fairness for all.

  2. I think that the point of equality is to improve the plight of the underprivileged.

    I am also wary of saying any side of an argument are fully innocent, but there is a lot of documented evidence regarding violence and the BNP. You may choose to believe it but that is your choice.

  3. Start with a good education to assist the underprivileged together with first class policing, especially in the inner cities .

    Violence is to be abhorred. Sadly it is not the preserve of the BNP.
    Witness Bush's adminstration, the Republicans. absolute demolition of Iraq and its many, many innocent people. Unsuprisingly ably supported by Tony Blair and the Labour government.