Thursday, 27 August 2009

How to upset Catholics and politicians

Annie Lennox has informed us that politicians are "useless". She is deeply cynical of our politicians so it is not surprising that she has ruled herself out of becoming a politician. She has done politics a favour and encouraged people to become more involved but this rallying cry looks hollow to me. If you become a politician then you immediately fall into the useless category. If she is so passionate about her political causes then she should think about what she is saying.

One of her causes is the rise of HIV in Africa. She feels that HIV would decrease with an increasing use of condoms which goes against the teaching of the Catholic Church. Annie "wasn't having a go at the Pope" even though it looks like it. There is an argument that says the use of condoms promotes sex. As there is a failure rate for preventing pregnancy there must certainly be a failure rate for preventing HIV. If you promote protected sex you actually promote the spread of HIV. This is not a religious argument it is a logical one but there are additional religious arguments to support the Pope.

Change the world.

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