Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Challenge for Sebastian Vettel

I can't speak for all the other candidates, especially the independent, but I think there is consensus that a move to 20mph is good. I have spoken to the police and they are happy with it too. They told me that studies have shown that average speeds have come down. These speeds are still over 20mph but some drivers will be sticking to the limit. Unfortunately other drivers will still want a race.

Many residents have told me that the new speed limits are a waste of time and money because they have seen the costs and they still see the racers. My favourite quote of the campaign so far has to go to the person who told me "I defy Sebastian Vettel to get up to 20mph". He was referring to a small cul-de-sac with brand new 20mph signs. You may have similar signs near your house.

The police told me many things and in the view of one officer there was "too much signage and too much lineage". I have written about excess of advertising and informational signage being confusing early this year, see my Road Safety v Revenue. I was also writing about confusing signs way back in 2009. It's a theme that doesn't go away. Speed limit signs are more important than advertisements, and they're usually more important than informational signs, and it can be a problem when there aren't enough of them, but they can still be used to excess. It is a pity that the council didn't think a little more about their 20mph signs. It is an even greater pity that  we have macho drivers who dont worry about the consequences of their actions.

Change the world.

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