Monday, 29 April 2013

On seeing the first independent leaflet in spring

I saw my first independent leaflet yesterday evening. Still none has come through my door but someone was kind enough to show it to me. I still don't know the candidate's views on any subject. He has one positive contribution to make and that is that he is an experienced party politician because he is a member of the Morecambe Bay Independent Party. I have just checked Wiki and they are called Morecambe Bay Independents and the Wiki site makes for interesting reading.

The main thrust of the leaflet is that residents should not vote for the three main parties. I think it is because their party doesn't like the other parties but I'm not quite sure why. What I do know is that the Morecambe Bay Independents, who are only standing in Morecambe and Heysham, will not get far in Preston with a philosophy of putting Morecambe first. I am not even sure what that means. Do you put Morecambe first by lowering the council tax or raising it? As far as I can tell the MBI members who are standing as independent candidates have no policies for Lancashire County Council. They don't have individual policies and they don't have them as a party.

You may have noticed a hint of irony when I wrote about offering help to the Labour Party in my blog on Saturday. You may have noticed a similar hint of irony when I wrote about the spirit of a true coalition on Thursday. I did make it fairly clear that I didn't want the Conservative candidate to win. However there is no sense of irony in this blog entry. I have no idea what the Morecambe Bay Independent Party is standing for in these elections - just to clarify this, they are independent candidates with some dependency on their party and I wrote a blog about this on the10th April. They criticise party politics but act as a party. I haven't quite worked that one out either. There's no irony in this blog.

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