Saturday, 27 April 2013

An offer of help for Labour.

With less than a week to go before the elections on Thursday 2nd May I have been getting more and more help which is great as I can't remember ever getting this much assistance in previous campaigns (and thanks to all who are helping). Bearing in mind that county divisions are twice as big as council wards, it now looks like everyone will receive two leaflets (three if you count one in November). That's not bad considering the normal resources locally but this time a third of the electorate will also have had a knock on the door along with a follow up leaflet, and a third of the electorate have already received a street leaflet based on the issues that were raised on the doorstep.

As you can guess, there is overlap in those who receive the street leaflets and those who receive the leaflet reminding them that I have knocked on the door, which means that many voters will have received four leaflets along with a personal call. It's not been a bad campaign so far.

On the other hand I have still received nothing from the Greens, Socialist Labour, Independent, UKIP or Labour parties. I met someone putting out leaflets for Labour this evening and I asked her to swap leaflets but all hers were addressed and then she told me she couldn't find a house. Luckily I was able to point her in the right direction. If Labour want any more help in getting to know the area then I will be glad to offer it. Their candidate doesn't live in the area so hasn't had any leaflets himself, but I will also let him know my address so that I can have one of his leaflets.

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P.S. I did receive the Labour leaflet this evening (Monday 29th April) which isn't bad as there are three days till the election. I don't suppose I am getting a second or third leaflet and I still haven't received anything from those other parties.

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