Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Independent? It Depends

There is an independent candidate in Morecambe South who happens to be a member of the Morecambe Bay Independent Party. There are other candidates in Morecambe in a similar position. I don't suppose it is a big deal for their party members to stand as an independent as long as they are not standing against other members of their own party. So the party must have cleared these individuals to stand. Interestingly there are no county divisions in Morecambe in which an independent is standing against an independent which makes me think that they are not as independent as they make out.

I am looking forward to the independent leaflet. Will it be in a similar format to the other independent candidates? If so who is actually writing the literature? Who is in control of this independent thought? Why do I think that someone unknown is controlling independent thought?

I have already knocked on this candidate's door and spoken with his wife. I have left my card and delivered two leaflets, but even if I had known that he had been chosen (elected?) as the independent candidate I would have not changed a thing. My views and my party's are well documented. I  wonder if I'll find out what he thinks.

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