Friday, 19 April 2013

Changing the World

I first stood as an election candidate in the eighties and I have been helped by many people over the years, and I distinctly remember knocking on doors with one man the first time I stood. I was asked why I was standing. I knew that the Liberal Democrats (then the Liberal Party) were the closest party to my views. I wanted a better democracy with a fairer electoral system. I wanted greater participation by the public in our local councils. I felt that candidates from other parties could get elected without working hard and they could carry on as an elected representative with the same attitude.
I could probably have listed many other reasons why I was standing but none stood out as a great response to the question as to why I was standing. My much more experienced friend replied for me. "He plays rugby and he likes to get hurt". Actually, though, over the last few years I have been writing blogs and within each individual entry is my response to that question. I'm standing because I want to...

Change the world.

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