Thursday, 11 April 2013

Completing the Lineup

Earlier this week the list of candidates was published for the Lancashire County Council elections in May. I have already helped two residents when one asked me if there was an independent candidate and the other asked if there was a UKIP candidate. I am so helpful that I was able to say yes to both questions.

I did manage to let the UKIP supporter know that it was an election for the county council. I have previously written about a UKIP candidate who did not have a clue about county council responsibilities and I would guess that their supporters know even less but at least their policies may be found on the internet. I would encourage everyone to find out all they can about the policies of all parties as then we will have informed voting.

Then we have the Independent policies. My last blog entry was about the level of independence for the independent candidate. What is my independent candidate's views on any subject? I will probably never know. I may receive his leaflet and it may include a personal statement, but I have a strong feeling that it will be a leaflet that covers more than one county division in which case it is not 'independent' individual viewpoint but that of a group of people who all belong to the Morecambe Bay Independent Party.

There are of course candidates for the main parties represented in Westminster, Conservative, Labour, myself for the Liberal Democrats. I have already mentioned the Independent party and the Socialist Labour party in my last two blogs because I knew they would be fielding candidates. To complete the lineup I suppose I should mention that the Green party too are fielding a candidate. Amazingly, you can even find a mention of him, along with a brief description of his party's plans for Lancashire council,on the Lancaster Green Party web page. They even have a manifesto! Kudos to them for that. I suspect that for some of the other parties we'll just have to wait for the leaflet which may or may not come, and if it does come may or may not say anything about the County Council and its functions.

In case anyone has had any trouble finding the full list of candidates for Morecambe South, I've reproduced it here:
Darren Clifford - Labour
Roger Dennison - Independent
Michael Gradwell - Liberal Democrats
Harris Kaloudis - Green Party
Gina Loxam - UK Independence Party
Barry John Maguire - Socialist Labour Party
Susan Sykes - Conservatives

And here's all the Liberal Democrats who are standing in the Morecambe and Lancaster area.
Lancaster Central - Michael John Mumford
Lancaster South East - Janie Elizabeth Kikman
Lancaster Rural East - Joyce Pritchard
Morecambe South - Michael Gradwell (yours truly)
Morecambe West - Harry Philip Armistead

Please make sure to vote and...

Change the world


  1. I have yet to see hide or hair of any of our candidates. All I have seen is a poster in a shop saying that they are voting for UKIP, I presume it is the candidate themself.

  2. , it is a strange that not even one candidate has called at my house this time...

  3. If you live in Morecambe South, Limited Blogger, you could request a visit or ask questions of your Liberal Democrat candidate through this blog. On the other hand you may live in an area where there are no elections in which case it wouldn't be too strange.

    If you are a resident of Morecambe South I could let you know how unlucky you were not to meet me before polling day.