Saturday, 13 April 2013

Coalition Information

Isn't technology wonderful? It can open up political debate and here is a recent example. The Labour candidate asked me on Facebook what I thought about the coalition. I was able to reply that he could search politics for novices coalition and he would find my views and he could do this for most subjects.

Soon after this the Labour Party candidate gave me a very nice link to my blog entitled 'Irresponsible Conservatives'. He may be having second thoughts as my next blog was called 'GCSE maths would help Labour' and he may be having further doubts when my next blog entry questioned the differences between the Labour Party and the Socialist Labour Party.

It's a pity that there was no political debate but at least the electorate also get the opportunity to read my views and they could add theirs. Now that's democracy.

P.S. Just in case anyone wants to keep count, there are 39 blogs where I've mentioned the coalition. These include
where I go into why it was necessary to go into coalition,
on the need to let voters know that there are differences between the parties, and on how the Liberal Democrats do exercise a moderating effect,
Where I touch on the nature of coalition, in particular on how we can't always get our own way on everything, no matter how desirable that may be,
where I cover just that (i.e. how policy is made), with specific reference to NHS reform and to alcohol pricing,

and many more.

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