Tuesday, 12 January 2010

American Football

I like American Football. I think that taking part in team sports can help you in life and individual general fitness is not a bad thing to take through life. The things that I like in particular about American Football are that you have the chance to plan tactics which are quite advanced. So too are the laws of the game. I was a physio to an American Football team in Blackpool and Manchester when the game was big in this country. In fact I have been following the game for over 25 years and I take pride in telling you that I know around half the laws of the game.

You can see members of the team working for each other. There is great athleticism and skill to be seen and spectators can take part by guessing the tactics. Players may be penalised and the penalties matter so there is great discipline within the game. The crowd don't shout abuse at each other or at the teams. A game of football is a family occasion. If none of this convinces you that it is a great game then you may appreciate its violent nature. If you want to increase your interest in any sport then it is worth having a favourite team. Mine is the New York Jets. I have made a tenuous link between sport and life (and politics) but at least I can tell you that the Jets have had two great wins in the last two weeks.

Change the world but let the Jets continue to win.

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