Friday, 8 January 2010

Who pays for time off?

Did you manage to get to work through the snow? Did you manage to get to work but then find out that you had to take the day off because your child's school was closed. I have written about the cost of snow to industry, the NHS and to the individual but what happens in these examples? Unions will work hard to get employers to pay for parental leave and for time off for bad weather. Employers will work hard to only pay employees when they are working. It strikes me that some people will strive harder than others to get to work but how do we repay this effort?

There is a general feeling that if the company is large then it doesn't matter if employees receive greater benefits as the company can afford it. A small company will struggle to pay for someone who doesn't manage to get into work. Should a fairer system not rely on the size of the company.

Each job is different but employers object if they are subjected to unfair bias if they have to pay when others don't. The same goes for employees if they too are treated with unfair bias. One answer is that if it is possible then a flexibility should apply. Get paid for your shift but do it when you can. There are some who will not like this idea. We get used to our own terms and condtions of employment and if this means they go worse then complaints follow.

The essential problem is that we have too easily accepted inability to get to work or school on the grounds of health and safety. If the school can't get food deliveries then pupils can take sandwiches. If journeys take three times as long then employees can start their journeys three times as early. Pupils can't play on school grounds because it is too risky. The school closes and pupils find hills to sledge down instead. I don't blame the lawyers for this situation. Could it lie with the law makers?

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  1. As the school I work at looks like it could be closed next week as well I have spoken with a member of senior management. I live within walking distance, so am willing to go in. If I'm not needed I have asked this member of staff to bring something to me for me to work on at home. I do have some tasks that I can do at home just as easily.