Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mr Loophole loses a case?

A couple of days ago I saw the Manchester United footballer Darren Fletcher on the local news because he had been fined for a motoring offence. In fact it was his father who had been driving faster than the speed limit but I noticed that when Darren was walking into court 'Mr Loophole' was there in the background. It sounds like he should be a Mr Man character but he is in fact a lawyer who usually manages to avoid convictions for celebrities or anyone else who can afford his services.

How can this be? How can Mr Loophole be involved and fail to get an acquittal for a speeding ticket when this person wasn’t even driving? I looked up the story on the internet and it seems that Darren managed to forget to speak with the police on a few occasions. I am not sure which is worse, a speeding ticket or showing contempt towards the legal system.

You may be pleased to know that an appeal has been submitted against the conviction. Then again, you might feel irritated that someone can do so many things to upset the police and try to say they are not guilty.

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