Saturday, 30 January 2010

Polite Politics

Many years ago I read the autobiography of David Sutch, otherwise known as Screaming Lord Sutch. The main thing that I remember from it is his politeness. You don’t need to have read the book to realise that he was polite as he would warmly applaud each candidate as their number of votes were read out.

Unfortunately not all politicians are as polite. In fact some are quite rude, but this is nothing compared to holding views that are disagreeable. A rudeness of manner is much more preferable to an extreme point of view but if you can persuade enough people then you may even get elected even if you have a rude manner and extreme views.

In a previous blog on the 15th November I wrote that the BNP had voted to change their constitution. Something must have gone wrong since then as the BNP has been given one more chance to change its policy on its whites-only membership. Nick Griffin had told us that he could amend their rules but it must have been more difficult than he thought.

There were scuffles yesterday as Nick tried to speak with reporters. In fact a few anti-fascist protestors probably gave him more publicity than he could ever have achieved on his own. Perhaps he will orchestrate his own protestors in future.

I don’t mind anyone with weird or wonderful or xenophobic ideas expressing them. It is much better to listen than suppress opinion. Some people with extreme views may even get elected. It is worthwhile remembering Lord Sutch’s comment when the BNP gained their first councillor He was able to tell them that the Monster Raving Loony Party already had six.

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