Friday, 22 January 2010

A pale imitiation of Margaret Thatcher

In April the health agreement with the Isle of Man finishes. If you live in the UK then your first thought may have been that you will have to take out insurance if you want to go there on holiday. However residents of the island are to face a similar challenge to their travels to the UK. It may well hurt them more than it hurts us so you won't be surprised to hear that it was Westminster who decided to end the reciprocal agreement. After all, it is a way for the government to save money. The same costs will be there (if people still choose to go on holiday, visit relatives or do business with the Isle of Man) but they will be paid by insurance companies or private individuals. The agreement with the Channel Islands ended some time ago even though it was not well publicised and travel agents weren't clear about it. I wonder if the government can break agreements anywhere else.

The costs of insurance premiums go up with age and illness. The effect of this cost cutting may well be that families can no longer visit each other. This is a Labour government that is acting in this way. Of course it is New Labour, the pale imitation of Margaret Thatcher.

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  1. Michael for a short profile of this story from the Isle of Man, financially the UK will save 0.0028% of its NHS budget, the official reply says the uk do not get value for money, the Isle of man has been a target to be attacked by Gordon Brown for many years, this act effects only the sick, elderly and ordinary persons here and in the UK. the rich looking to save tax by using the Isle of Man will be uneffected, there are still MPs and Lords fighting this not only for the effect it has on UK and IOM residents but also because Parliament in England was never told of this decision. If you want the full story give me a shouit on
    Thanks Eddie Power IOM resident