Monday, 11 January 2010

Salt or Sand

I know the weather is terrible but we live in a wonderful technological age and my blogs continue to be published from the comfort of my armchair. There is a connection between the technological age and the weather in the sense that my green garden waste bin was not collected week and the council website told me that it will not be collected this week. This is fair enough. I don't think anyone is prioritising work in the garden. I think that we need to concentrate on keeping the roads clear of ice. The great thing is that I have not had to ring up the council or listen to local radio but I know about the delay in collections.

The internet also tells me which schools are open today. I can also find out about traffic jams, road works and so many other things. There are many advantages with the internet. Unfortunately computers can't shift the snow and we don't have enough grit or salt. One answer in Scarborough has been to use sand from the beach but I can tell you that we won't be using Morecambe sand because it cost too much to move it here. The bottom line is that providing safe roads costs money so we will continue to hear excuses, but maybe in the next few days we will hear of more coastal sand being used on our roads.

We haven't prepared for the bad weather. We have an alternative that is readily available but it would mean removal of sand from the coast. I wonder what the Green Party would say. I think they would prefer sand to remain where it is rather than preventing people and vehicles slipping on the ice.

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