Thursday, 28 January 2010

Morecambe link and motorway traffic

Yesterday evening I visited my son who lives in Knutsford. In order to get to the motorway I need to drive through Lancaster and although I have written twice in the past week about the need for a link road I am going to write one more blog on the subject. It took me 43 minutes to get to the motorway for what should be a 10 minute journey at most. I am used to traffic through Lancaster so I always give myself 30 minutes to make this 10 minute trip. It was ironic to hear Radio Lancashire tell me that there were no delays on Lancashire roads just before I got on the motorway. It may not be ironic as everyone may now expect to take 45 minutes to get through Lancaster.

I'd like to share two more observations on this trip with you. Firstly there are drivers who ignore the average speed cameras on roadworks. This may be because they know that the cameras are not working which seems rather illegal. They may have good lawyers who would get them out of trouble which may not be illegal but certainly looks like one rule for the rich and one rule for the poor, but worst of all, these drivers may not mind breaking the law and being caught. I don't particularly want to be near those who drive with this kind of mentality.

Secondly there were two occasions when the matrix signs were quite simply wrong. On the first occasion I was told that there was congestion at an exit road. There was no car visible when I passed this exit which was about 30 seconds after I had seen the sign for congestion. The second sign told me to slow down as there were pedestrians in the road. As it turned out there were no pedestrians. I know that it is only right that there is a delay between the removal of a hazard and the removal of a warning sign but the worst aspect of this for me was that some drivers were travelling not at the recommended 50mph but I would guess it was more like 80mph. Give pedestrians a chance!

Change the world.

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