Thursday, 7 January 2010

A disaster waiting to happen

Who would have Gordon's job? I heard Patricia Hewitt on the radio and she wants to "get this matter sorted out once and for all" or at least until the next time the Labour Party are not happy with their leader. I don't mind politicians calling for a new leader, after all it is a sign of democracy. It does seem strange however that these calls should come within six months of a general election.

I don't think it takes much political knowledge to realise that a leadership challenge will damage the Labour Party. I will mention it anyway because the blog is called politics for novices and also because it doesn't seem to have occurred to the rebels that they are harming their party. One labour MP Greg Pope who is retiring at the next election has also called for Gordon's resignation. He thinks that Gordon is “disastrously more unpopular than our party”, but if this disaster is obvious then why does the prospective Labour parliamentary candidate for the same constituency not agree with him?

The answer is that the disaster is obvious to all but there will be a disaster with or without Gordon at the helm, and that is why the Labour Party is divided.

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