Sunday, 7 March 2010

A fisherman's tale

Last Wednesday a number of people marched from Lancaster Market to the Morecambe Town Hall. They were protesting about the closure of the market and while they were marching I happened to be walking my dog. I often carry a camera with me and I took a photo of the marchers. I thought that it would be interesting to compare the number on the photo with the reports that would follow of how many were protesting.

On the radio on Thursday I heard that hundreds were protesting. On the BBC website they wrote that at least 200 were marching, see and in the local paper they reported that "market traders were joined by around 100 supporters on a march". I counted 48. It may be that many more started but that isn't the same as marching from Lancaster to Morecambe. It also makes you wonder about any reported numbers, and it sounds like these numbers may well increase as time goes on like the stories that fishermen tell.

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