Sunday, 14 March 2010

Hopefully David Cameron doesn't know what is going on!

I usually write one blog per day but I can't help adding a note as I watch David Cameron talking to Sir Trevor McDonald. He tells us that he was not airbrushed in the January posters.

I can't take my eyes off what looks like a spot on his forehead. In the middle of his chin is what looks like a tiny strip of a goatee. I can tell you that neither of these are on his poster. I have nothing against spots/goatees but I do object to a lack of recognition of airbrushing.

The best defence that I can think of is that David doesn't know what went on in his advertising campaign.

Change the world

P.S. You may want to look at how you change photos for a 'soft focus' effect. Compare how you change your photos to the posters.

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