Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Good old happenstance

I wrote about Neil Warnock's rant on Tuesday 16th February and how this attitude affected not only the respect shown to referees but was also related to the way that fans treat each other. When I was recently in Edinburgh I took this photo of a pub in which rugby fans could watch a match side by side with fans from the opposite team. I saw other pubs with similar signs.

Compare this with pubs near football grounds. They are either for the home or the away fans. I wouldn't dare to say that victory on a football pitch is not important but compared to the way that fans treat each other I know which I consider to be more important.

There is a postscript to the Neil Warnock story. It seems that his wife told him off for his rant because a similar thing had happened in his favour in the previous round of the cup. Sometimes pure luck is useful for a clearer view of the right way forward but wouldn't it have been much better if he had thought it through before he was taken over by emotion, because we are still left with the excuse for all the emotional fans to do whatever they like to abuse referees and behave badly towards each other.

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