Thursday, 11 March 2010

How do you know if your MP is boring and boorish?

How are voters supposed to get to know the views of the candidates at the general election? Relying on the press has its difficulties. Their job is to sell newspapers and the news should not get in the way of the truth. There is often bias in reporting and editorials. In fact they blatantly support particular parties so I think we can disregard newspapers if we want to come to a sound conclusion.

Television is better but it isn't perfect. Ask Alex Salmond. There are people writing blogs with very strong views about bias on telelvision. My view is that it is much better than newspapers but if you want a deeper knowledge of the views of the political parties then you have to work a little harder. Reading the manifestos is not a bad start.

Do you get the chance to attend a hustings meeting before a general election? They are getting more popular but in my experience I have only attended one in 1987. At every other election no meeting has been arranged. Churches have been known to arrange hustings meetings and this allows for the possibility of political debate at first hand on neutral territory.

You may then discover if the candidates are "boring and boorish", the words of the speaker yesterday in describing an MP who was heckling. They may well be elected but at least you would have been warned.

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