Friday, 19 March 2010

John Bercow must put down unruly MPs

Last week I mentioned that the speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow had described a heckling MP as boring and boorish. We all know that there are many MPs who would fit that description. Sitting on those green benches must make them think that they are back at school and they behave accordingly.

It was with great pleasure that I saw the speaker admonish another heckler this week. There are stories that he has shown bias and if that is the case then he needs to reconsider the way he works but we all do this all the time. Basically John Bercow comes over as a man who is trying to tidy up politics. It can't all be image so keep it up. It is all very well MPs being passionate about their subject but they need to learn how to behave.

MPs may feel that he isn't being fair. They may say that he is supporting one side of the House rather than the other, but what they cannot say is that he is wrong to put down unruly MPs.

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