Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Reform for financing political parties.

I wrote about the David Cameron poster campaign in January. I was struck by the way that image was far more important than content. It was the way that his airbrushed face dominated the message which was about the NHS. I knew the content was contentious in Tory circles because a Conservative MEP had told me that the NHS was a mistake. I am sure that he is not on his own in that view.

This month I was struck by Julie from Llandudno who had changed her mind about Tory policies when I could see gaping holes in them. Furthermore she had closed her mind to her old political views (whatever they were) because she was now part of the Tory poster campaign.

Now I am concerned about the nature of our democracy. The more posters you see for one party then the worse our democracy. I took these photos a few days ago. I have not amended either photo. The poster on the left is huge. Within half a mile there are four of them (these two are repeated). Relate this to my blog on the 28th February. The Reform Act looked to improve democracy. We need another reform act now.

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  1. Luckily..I am the person driving my car..and can't be distracted. Having studied some media during my degree...I tend to take things with a large pinch of salt. Unfortunately...not everyone has this outlook
    Have been told that I'm cynical, but swallowing media hype is worse than being cynical.