Friday, 12 March 2010

"I have done nothing dishonest ever"

There was one sentence on the news last night that struck me as particularly poignant. "I have done nothing dishonest ever", said Lord Hanningfield. He is one of the four politicians who are pleading not guilty to charges related to their claims for expenses. Now the Crown Prosecution Service has looked at the evidence and decided that there is a case to answer. Whether they are guilty is up to the court, and I am quite willing to wait for that decision.

What I can't wait for is an answer to Lord Hanningfield's statement. Is he really saying that he has never done anything wrong? Is this person human? Whatever the rights and wrongs of him asking for expenses for overnight accomodation and at the same time being driven home I will leave to the courts. Yesterday his comment was not specific. This man thinks he is perfect. Either he is divine or he should be locked up for insanity. I think that he should prefer to be found guilty of the relatively minor fault of claiming unjustified expenses.

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