Saturday, 6 March 2010

Is Julie from Llandudno a stooge?

Following on from yesterday's blog, I took a look at the Conservatives website. I admit that I only glanced at it but I saw that Julie in the poster campaign liked what the Tories are doing for families so I wanted to know if I liked it too.

The website mentions marriage but this isn't the same as family. It's fine if you like marriage but what about the families where there is no marriage? It talks about a council tax freeze. This is nothing to do with families. Families may benefit but so will everyone else. It's also a red herring. If we see what has happened in Lancashire County Council, the Tories took control with the electoral promise of freezing the council tax. How did it manage to do this? It borrowed a lot of money.

The website talks about only letting millionaires pay inheritance tax. If we want to impose a tax so that the money can be directed towards families then it strikes me that inheritance tax is one of the easiest ways to do this. In fact if you want to change the inheritance tax laws then it almost certainly doesn't help families who are just starting their careers in order to build up a financial resource that may eventually lead to an inheritance. I admit that it will help the filthy rich young families. Napoleon knew about this and he used inheritance tax to break up the aristocracy. The Conservatives want to maintain the aristocracy.

I am concerned about Julie from Llandudno. She has never voted for the Tories before, and now she has invited them into her house and given her name to an advertising campaign for them. Manifestos, including those of the party or parties that she used to vote for, have not been published so she hasn't read them. She is quoted as supporting ideas that have gaping holes in them, and worst of all, she may even be a stooge.

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