Saturday, 20 March 2010

With friends like these...

I have written about Morecambe Town Council in previous blogs. It is dominated by a party of 'independents' who all happen to vote the same way. They were elected in June last year when party politicians were not doing well and my problem with the council then (and now) is firstly that there is no effective opposition and secondly that this party is based on putting Morecambe first. However when the debates only concern Morecambe it is hard to know which way they are going to vote. I couldn't find a preamble to their constitution, and for that matter I couldn't find their constitution. I suppose they will argue that you don't need one at Town Council level. I would argue that you don't know what this party stands for.

It has been reported this week that the leader of the Independents (how do you lead independents?) has lost a vote of confidence but at least this vote was not carried unanimously. It was a victory for independence. In yesterday's local newspaper we are told that the former leader did not want to comment as she was taking legal advice, but it was understood that the matter concerned a procedural issue. I may be able to help out here. The procedural issue was a matter of no confidence in their leader. With friends like these...

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  1. I can see the point of same parties collaborating....but do they REALLY have Morecambe's future at heart
    Have recently had opportunity to become a "vital part" of school circumstances .....The post means loads of responsibility...and no financial recompense!