Thursday, 16 July 2009

Anti-BNP Meeting

I am concerned that the major parties are ignoring the BNP and so they are not addressing the concerns of the electorate who vote for them. However the major parties weren't ignoring them this evening (14th July) when I went to an anti-BNP meeting. The Green Party emphasised Nick Griffin's denial of climate change and how the BNP's vote was low where the Green Party was strong. I think the Green spokesperson had gone to the wrong meeting. She gave a party political broadcast for the Green Party even though she later mentioned that she wasn't going to do this.

The Conservative spokesperson thought that BNP voters weren't racist but were worried about uncontrolled immigration. I can see his point because the people that spoke to him and the people that have spoken to me who said that they vote for the BNP deny that they are racist. However there was an excellent speech from someone who was from 'Unite against Fascism'. He emphasised that BNP voters were concerned about uncontrolled immigration and that racists were among their number. I have also met many people whose comments may be deemed racist and I have no doubt that racists vote for them.

I'll tell you more about the meeting in other blogs.

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