Monday, 6 July 2009

Harassing Letters

You have an additional blog today because I have received another letter asking for repayment of my student loan. I will be sending my blogs to them as a complaint.

On the 13th June I wrote about an agreement that I made with the Student Loans Company Limited. Back in May we agreed that I should start to pay back my loan at a very reasonable rate because I was unemployed and this should start in three months (August). In June I got a letter asking for payment in full because they had received no payment. I phoned them and the first person I spoke to said that this sort of agreement was never made. I phoned back an hour later so that they could check their records and I was told that they could not check telephone recordings if they are only given one hour. Surprisingly, exactly the same agreement was made. The only difference was that I thought I had set up the standing order to begin in July (not August - see my added comment on the 13th June blog).

Today I received another letter asking for full payment. The standing order has been set up for the 8th July and they will phone me back in a couple of weeks if the first payment has not been received.

There are two conclusions from my dealings with the Student Loans Company. Firstly they are incompetent. I don't think this is the case which leads me to my second conclusion that they deliberately harass people for money.

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  1. I have written that I don't think this company is incompetent. I am beginning to change my mind. I sent my blogs as an email of complaint on July 6th. I received a reply saying they will deal with my complaint within 7 days. I received another email today saying they will respond in 10 working days. They also sent a link to their complaints procedure. I have not looked at it. I don't want to look at it. I just want a reply. If I did look at their procedure it might tell me that they will send out weekly emails saying they will respond in another week.

  2. I have received an email today. Here it is:-

    Dear Mr Gradwell

    I have been unable to locate your account. Can you provide me with your
    date of birth, postcode and reference number so I can locate your account.

    Customer Assistance Team

    and here is my reply:-
    When I phone you there is a message to say that calls are recorded. I will reciprocate and ask you if you know that I am publishing our correspondence on the internet? In my previous blogs I have always given you the benefit of the doubt and written that I don't think that
    you are incompetent. I think I will let the readers decide on this one.

    Then I gave them the details that they wanted. I'll let you know what happens.