Friday, 10 July 2009

Tap the phones as it doesn't matter

I wrote about the News of The World yesterday and how they have been hacking into private phone calls. Today we discover that the police are not going to investigate. They obviously have enough information to tell them that no prosecution will follow. That's not quite the same as nothing is wrong but I would still question whether it was the right decision.

Tabloid headlines are often offensive and the Crown Prosecution Service is continuing to review the evidence. The police are saying that no new evidence has come to light since January 2007 when two people were sent to jail. One was the News of The World royal editor and the other was a private investigator.

I am finding it hard to reconcile the statements from the police, the CPS and the recent reports in The Guardian. Many celebrities are finding out that their phones have been tapped but this is not new evidence. So the police must have known about this and not informed them that personal information had been 'tapped'. Not only do we live in a country that allows journalists to listen to our personal conversations (on the basis that the papers could make money from them) but we also live in a country with a police force that says this doesn't matter and we won't tell the people concerned.

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