Friday, 17 July 2009

More on that meeting

There are many people who would deny the BNP the oxygen of publicity. There are some people who would like to deny them the oxygen of oxygen. On the whole I think the anti-fascist group are well meaning and non-violent. There was an egg thrown the day after the election in June but at the meeting one woman spoke passionately from the floor about how this group does not use viiolence. I did wonder if the BNP meetings are mirrors of this meeting and they condemn the others for violent tactics. The egg is the evidence. On the whole I think the anti-fascists are peaceful protestors.

I have to mention one man in the audience who shouted out the Polish didn't help us during the war. I think he had gone to the wrong meeting. I mention him because I have a Polish relative who fought in the war and has medals for it. Through him I have met many Polish veterans. They are gradually dying off and when they all die off we will only have historians and their evidence to rely on. Let's hope this member of the audience isn't an historian. One lady tried to explain that Nick Griffin recently spoke in front of a photo of a spitfire from a Polish squadron. I think the vast majority of people in the room already knew the story and I don't think listening to her would have made any difference to the loan Polish denier.

If Nick Griffin still believes what he said about the holocaust being the hoax of the century then he could look at my photography blog on the 20th April. It was about George Rodger, a photographer who took photos of Belsen. There is a lot of evidence for the holocaust. If well educated people choose to deny it and even choose to condemn the Nazi actions for the parts that they do believe then you really have to question their motives. Could it be that they simply want to pander to xenophobic fear?

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