Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Compare vegans to Uighur separatists

Yesterday's blog was about the way we treat animals. Today's news (6th July) is about the way the Chinese treat humans. In Xinjiang there have been at least 156 people killed and more than 800 people injured, according to state media. The news report has not really told us why some people are attacking others but the emphasis is on the extent of the violence. The news today is compared to the violence in Tiananmen Square. We see some clips of people walking around in blood stained clothes. Then we see bodies on the floor and we are told that they have been beaten to death.

Who is to blame? Have the police fired indiscriminately? Have the Uighur separatists acted violently even though they say their protests were peaceful? What is clear is that a resolution to this violence is much more important than whether we are omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians or vegans.

Change the world.

P.S I wrote this a couple of days ago. Things have got worse and the BBC have started to report the causes of the unrest.

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