Monday, 6 July 2009

Cheating leads to a poor education

I know what schools do. I even know that the word educate comes from the latin educare. There are a few translations but it means something on the lines of to rear or to draw out. The abilities of the children are drawn out of them. Later the word education developed to mean to provide schooling. We take it to mean that our children go to school and learn about maths and English and a few other things. I never had lessons in citizenship or personal, social and health education but I still managed to have life skills drawn out of me.

A couple of days ago I wrote about the cheats who try to get their children into schools without an entitlement to be there. Some will be successful. Their children may then get a better understanding of maths and English but if these parents want their children to be reared correctly then there are some more fundamental concepts like honesty and integrity to be considered. If you feel like cheating to get your children into a better school then you end up giving them a worse education.

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