Sunday, 19 July 2009

Would you like to emigrate?

I am always meeting people who talk politics to me. Even if they don't know about my interest in the subject, politics is all around us and we can't help talking about it. A couple of days ago I met someone whom I had not seen for some time. They brought up the subject of immigration. I did mention my blogs so they may read my thoughts in detail. Immigration is not just the agenda of a minority party, it is everyone's agenda.

Let's take migration of dentists as an example. When I moved to Morecambe I struggled to find an NHS dentist. The point today is that my dentist is Polish. She is an excellent dentist who provides an NHS service. A couple of weeks ago I was walking through Kendal and I noticed another dentist with a Polish name who provided an NHS service. If it weren't for these dentists would there be any NHS dentists available? I know I didn't find any within 10 miles of Morecambe.

Let's play devil's advocate. Why shouldn't we keep British dentists in Britain? Well this begs the question why shouldn't our dentists move abroad if that is what they wish to do? Migration should be allowed for our professionals and it should be allowed for professionals abroad. It is easier to stay in Britain if you are British. If you hear a conversation between young graduates see if they discuss working abroad. You don't have to have a degree. Do you know people with any skills who are thinking of going to New Zealand or Australia or many other countries? Are we really saying nobody can go anywhere?

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