Saturday, 18 July 2009

Do you ignore the BNP?

So do you combat the BNP by ignoring their agenda or by arguing their points? I know there are people who have a coherent argument that you ignore them, but while there are voters who sadly vote for the BNP you have to explain to them why it is sad.

Even at the meeting on Monday the debate was going on. But the whole raison d'ĂȘtre of the meeting was to give the BNP (adverse) publicity. Take uncontrolled immigration. If EU job applicants have the right to work in this country then how is that controlled? If we don't deal with these fears then any voter may turn their allegiance to the BNP. We have to get the message over that immigration is controlled, and that it is much much easier for a British worker to get a British job if they want it. Put yourself in the position of an employer. Do you go to your local jobcentre or fly over to Poland? How is your Polish?

We have to get the message over that fundamentally we should apply the rules to others as we would have them apply to us. Can we retire to Spain or anywhere else that we choose? Can we do an 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' and work in those countries? We must get the message over that migration is good (in both directions). Most importantly we must get over the message that racism is bad. There are no ifs nor buts. When I had a conversation last week (see previous blogs) I did not let the person get away with comments about racism like "fair enough" when a racist attitude was mentioned. No it is not fair enough. His answer was that it depends on your definition of racism. Well racism is based on racial intolerance and I can't stand intolerant people (that was a joke). Seriously, give racists the oxygen of publicity. That is what tolerant people do, but then counter their arguments with reasonable explanations.

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  1. Great post - and one of the points you made needs to be highlighted - in British jobs are there for Bristish people IF they want them - sadly a lot don't.