Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What is the definition of inept?

On the 13th June I wrote about the way the Student Loans Company Limited were dealing with my loan. I don't want to incur their wrath so I will just say that many of the things that they have done look inept. On the 6th July I wrote about them again. I won't repeat these blogs because you can go back and read them. Have a look at the comments too. I will just mention that they said they would deal with my complaint in seven days and shortly after this another reply said they would reply within ten days. Twenty one days later I have received a reply.

The letter is two pages long. the first page tells me about their role in general which is very nice but I could look on the internet if I wanted to know. The last sentence of this page deals with me individually. It asks for details of the calls that I have made so that she 'will attempt to investigate the matter further'. There are two paragraphs on page two. The first paragraph tells me of the arrangement that has been made for repayment of my loan. I will quote the last paragraph. 'I trust I have clarified our position. I hope that my response has addressed your concerns to your satisfaction. If I can be of further help please contact me'.

I will reply by post in response to their letter. I will follow their lead and use snail mail. My letter will say that I am pleased that they have written to me but they have addressed none of the points that I made and refer them to this blog.

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