Thursday, 30 July 2009

Let's look at political finances

A few years ago I was working in GP surgeries and every object in every surgery seemed to have the name of a drug or a drug manufacturer on it. Then there was a move to stop this practice. What was good practice previously was seen as poor advertising. Doctors should be above this kind of influence and only prescribe drugs on the basis of their efficacy. You still see some advertising but at least now it is not on every object.

The reason that I mention advertising is because it is in the news that some companies are moving their support towards the Conservatives. I know it is political funding, not advertising but both are looking to enhance business by spending some money. Of course it is not news that the Conservatives are funded by big business, just as it is not news that the Labout Party is funded by the unions. My concern is that when you get funding there are usually strings attached. Is it cash for questions? No that's too blatant but is this a practice that is continuing? Could it just be that these companies want some business? That sounds too much like corruption so it can't be true. Do they want someone to listen to their views? Well if they have sensible opinions then politicians should be more than willing to listen.

You may have guessed that I don't like the way the Labout and the Conservative Parties are funded. If politicians are serious about cleaning up their act then it is essential to look at how parties are financed.

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