Monday, 12 October 2009

Apologies but no repayment

Jacqui Smith has been told to apologise in the House of Commons because of her participation in the MPs' expenses scandal. So if she has to apologise she must have done something wrong, but she has not been told to repay any money. We are not dealing with tens or hundreds of pounds but thousands of pounds. It was Jacqui Smith who decided that her second home was the one with her family and thereby gained a lot of money.

The system was not fair and for all I know it still is. By taking part in this unfairness many of the public have associated this with corruptness. Well some MPs have claimed for non-existant mortgages and when some MPs lie to get extra money it is easy to use the word corrupt.

That is why when Jacqui Smith is asked to apologise and not repay money then the public will think that little has been done. Let's see what happens.

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  1. I noticed one was being asked to pay back monies on a third home! These people are truly greedy at the taxpayers expense.

  2. Michael Gradwell13 October 2009 at 09:30

    I have now seen Jacqui Smith's unreserved apology (which just covers films and that was her husband's fault). She paid monies back as soon as it was brought to her attention. In other words she paid no attention when she made the claims. She is pleased that her London home was recognised as a home and she welcomed that judgement. She even got advice that her family home should not be her main home even though she owns only one home and I presume that is the family home. Tha tax payer never lost out, so it was just about whether she called her family home her main home. A storm in a tea cup then? I'll let you decide.