Saturday, 17 October 2009

Will the unions reciprocate?

Whilst commenting on the possibility of a strike from postal workers, Peter Mandelson described it as almost like a death wish by the unions. As far as I can see it is about communication (no pun intended) between Royal Mail management and the unions. I am not sure why Peter puts the blame fairly and squarely with the unions.

The unions are resisting change. That is what unions do, and they also fight for the best terms and conditions for their members. They don't want jobs lost and an attack on their integrity from Mr Mandelson will not go down well.

I thought that the Labour Party was the party of the unions. Does this union support the Labour Party? Will it do so again? Is there any difference between the Conservatives and New Labour? It will be interesting to see the reaction to his comments. We have seen the Labour Party reposition itself in relation to the unions. Now I wonder if the unions will reciprocate.

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  1. My brother has worked for the Post Office/Royal Mail, since he left the Navy. They have sent him on several training that he has "other skills" should he be made redundant. I don't know of any other government backed industry who has taken these steps. However, being trained for something else and applying for a job in that field are not as easy as it once was.
    Being trained in any post these days....or having the best qualifications does not automatically give the internal applicant the post. Although some employers trulypick the best applicant, some still pick onthe basis of nepotism.