Thursday, 29 October 2009

One rule for one

In 2006 14 people died because a Nimrod crashed in Afghanistan. The plane should not have been flying but safety concerns were secondary to financial targets. Obviously this is a tragedy of the highest order and to admit that finance is the root cause must be hard for everyone who was involved.

How many times do we say in our home that we will make do. Many domestic fires are caused by old electrical equipment. Do we know the age of the wiring in our house and the hidden dangers behind our walls?

There is a big difference between an old electric blanket and a business that knows of serious danger and continues to ask its employees to take a risk - especially when that employee has no choice but to follow orders. If an individual does not have the correct certificates for their domestic wiring then they can face legislation. I wonder which legislation is facing the government.

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  1. During Question Time today one lady mentioned that her husband was a professional and if he had made similar claims for expenses to the MPs then he could have lost his job and faced prosecution. One rule for one...