Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Blame the side that obstructs arbitration

I live fairly close to the centre of Great Britain. If you count the islands then it is Dunsop Bridge and if you don't count them it is Whalley. So if I wanted to set up a private postal business then it may be good to start from this area. However you may find that most of your business comes from the cities and there is not so much to send to the islands. If I am asked to deliver a parcel to a Scottish island then it is going to cost me a lot more than sending one to Manchester. Now times are hard so I can either put the price up for Scotland or I can subsidise it. But times are very hard so I decide to confine my business to the cities.

A private postal service is bound to have an advantage over the Royal Mail. They will choose the profitable services and leave the letters that are sent up farm tracks. Royal Mail is on a loser and times have to change. There has to be modernisation. but it is the role of the union to look after its members and to get the best terms and conditions of employment. That's what management has to do and that's what the unions have to do.

Strikes are not an easy option but if there is a breakdown in communication and a strike is called then it isn't the fault of one side. There seems to be a lot of one-sided criticisms in this dispute. It should be easy to discover why ACAS are not involved so let's blame the side that are obstructing arbitration.

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