Thursday, 8 October 2009

The liberal Conservatives

Eric Pickles called for Liberal Democrats to join the Conservatives as they are the party concerned with civil liberties and climate change. Eric said "give us your votes and we will never let you down". This is from a conference in which policy is announced to the members. This from a party whose strings are pulled by big business. This from a party that doesn't understand the meaning of a fair voting system. Dress a pig up in many constituencies and they get elected. Eric will have to realise this if he is to understand the meaning of a fair voting system.

As for Conservative policy being announced to members, I thought it was particularly instructive the way Boris Johnson was caught out by his boss's latest U-turn on a Euro-referendum.
"If Tony Blair is going to be president of Europe I want a referendum on the matter and a lot of people will agree with me," the mayor of London told the Mail on Sunday. This appeared to set him at odds with Cameron as this referendum would have to be held once the treaty has entered EU law. Johnson and Cameron later claimed there was no rift between them. The mayor is understood to have thought that he was toeing the party line because Cameron has, until now, declined to clarify what he will do if the Lisbon treaty is ratified by all 27 EU member states.'

If the Mayor of London can't know what the policy is until it disseminates from the leader, what chance have the ordinary Conservative rank and file?

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