Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Natural homes for Conservatives

Do you want to work an extra year before you retire? This is the proposal from the Conservatives who are, according to Eric Pickles, the party of civil liberties. They are also the party that will get people off benefits and back to work. If you have your own story of unemployment then you will realise that life is not black and white, for example if you have any skill whatsoever you may find that it is difficult to get work in your field. Are the Tories really saying they want brain surgeons to work at McDonalds? Pick your own example of skilled worker and unskilled work.

A few problems arise when you make headlines about people cheating the system. Firstly they are saying that people on benefits are spongers. If some people are cheating the system and getting paid allowances to which they are not entitiled then there are already processes by which these people may be caught. It may be necessary to tighten up these procedures but by making these headlines the Tories, the party of the rich, are stigmatising everyone on benefits and those working to police the system.

They are also proposing that the retirement age will increase from 65 to 66. Well thanks for that. When I was a teenager in the 70s I was supposed to be retiring at 50 because of North Sea oil. With this proposal we will save vast amounts on pension but who are the real winners. Of course the answer is the rich who can retire whenever they wish without resorting to a state pension.

When Eric Pickles tells us that the Conservatives are the natural party for members of every other party then it is definitely time that he looked at policy differences, how the party is funded, how he views a fair voting system and many other points that need a few more blogs. The only natural home for Conservatives who wish to be told their policies at conference is the Conservative Party.

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  1. That "policy proposal" might be ebough to loose them votes next year. I for one don't really want to work any longer than necessary. Being female I thought I would retire at 60, but I won't get my work pension until I am 65. I do like my job, and presume I would get the state pension at 60, so I might not have to work my current hours. But then again, I'm someone working in a job I am over qualified for when there are people where I work earning much more with lesser qualifications. You don't need a degree to be a high school technician, but I have one. People should take employment that makes them feel good, and cut their cloth accordingly, there wouldn't be as much unemployment, and the population could possibly be happier with themselves, not being as materialistic would also help them, there is nothing wrong with working and saving for luxury items, and being able to buy outright.