Friday, 23 October 2009

Wrong end of the stick

I saw the protest as Nick Griffin entered TV Centre. The organiser of the protest was possibly arrested but he was definitely taken away by the police. So the BBC interviewed a London Labour MP. I missed his first couple of sentences but then he said he wanted to keep the British way of life which is about tolerance, equality and freedom for all. I thought he wanted to support Nick Griffin but he was definitely protesting.

He said that these types of ideologies should not be encouraged or supported. I agree with that but the BBC's role is to represent the views of our democracy and not to drive people underground. If the BNP break the law then they should face the consequences. What right do the BBC have to suppress their views? The answer is obviously none and this undermines the Labour MPs argument. I am sure Nick Griffin will expose this bigotry. He is a very clever man but the main point should be whether his bigotry can be exposed.

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  1. As it turns out the BNP were not encouraged or supported. In fact Nick Griffin is complaining to the BBC that he faced a lynch mob. I am not of the same opinion. If you have an opposite view, like all the other panellists and you happen to think what is said is odious then strong argument will follow. I didn't realise Nick Griffin had a sensitive side but I watched the programme again and saw no need for sensitiviy.