Sunday, 18 October 2009

How are decisions made at county council?

I tried to comment on speed limits a couple of days ago and was sidetracked by the BNP so I'll try again. I decided a few years ago that a 40mph on Broadway in Morecambe was too high. This followed a survey of all the houses. Some people thought the 40mph limit was alright. Others told me it was too high. Some people told me that they regularly saw people breaking the speed limit and others told me that they never saw anything.

The crunch comment was when a policeman told me that he stopped a vehicle for speeding near Broadway and the driver's excuse was that he thought it was 40mph like Broadway. Not only have drivers lost their sense of breaking the law at 40mph but they use Broadway as an excuse on other roads.

So the police have agreed to lower the speed limit. The county council should be dealing with it but it has taken years to get anything done. I think the council agrees with the lowering of the limit. The council changed in June so maybe the decision will be reversed. It makes you wonder how any decsions are made at the county council.

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  1. If the police want it lowering, what the paper-pushers at the council think should be irrelevant. After all, it is the police who stop the speeding motorists, are called out to accidents, etc.
    I agree that it should be lowered. It can be almost impossible to cross from one side to the other on foot at certain times, it's a wide road, and with the school being close by I would think that is another reason to lower it.