Friday, 16 October 2009

It sounds racist to me

I was going to write about my road in Morecambe and cars breaking the speed limit, but I have just seen the 6pm news (15th October) on the BBC. The BNP has been told to open its doors to non-whites and Chris Roberts, a spokesperson for the party was interviewed. He said "the fundamental beliefs of our party and our core beliefs will never change", to which the reporter asked "will it remain a racist party?" There was then a very strange reply. "If you can explain to me what racist means then I'll tell you if we are".

I don't think it is difficult to define racism. How about discrimination based on race? How about believing that one race is superior to another? How about abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race? If you asked me to leave the country but did not ask my neighbour because of the colour of my skin then I would call that aggressive behaviour based on race. Why are the BNP shy of calling themselves racists?

If racism had been defined, the BNP spokesmen usually go on the offensive and list other organisations that may face this criticism. Please don't post any replies to say that other groups are racist. Let's stick to the BNP and save other groups for other posts. At the moment it is Nick Griffin who will have to recommend to his members that they support a new consitution that isn't racist. I agree with Chris Roberts but only in the sense that the constitution may change but racist beliefs will remain within his party.

The BNP's contitution has a section on membership that states that the party is only open to people from certain white ethnic groups with examples like the "Celtic Irish Folk Community" or the "Anglo-Saxon-Norse Community". It sounds racist to me.

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