Monday, 19 October 2009

Eric Pickles lets down the liberal vote

The people of Macclesfield now have a Tory candidate for the next election. The problem for the Conservatives is that according to the BBC’s Politics Show, their system did not allow for a local candidate and the blame lies firmly with Conservative Central Office. They interviewed Andy Lea, the ex-treasurer of the local party who had been involved in the selection process. According to Andy Eric Pickles told him that a local candidate would not be allowed because it would "disadvantage the other candidates"! Central Office claims that the Macclesfield members organised their own short-list. I know who I believe.

You may remember that Eric Pickles recently appealed to Liberal Democrats to vote Conservative by saying "give us your votes and we will never let you down". At the Macclesfield selection process according to Andy, he barred the local candidate with the words "I have the power to make this decision. My decision is final". Well Eric you just let the Liberal vote down. Your local members could not even be trusted to organise a short-list of candidates.

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