Saturday, 7 November 2009

Cameron's hypocritical stance

Occasionally you see photos of politicians with their families. It sets the scene as the prospective MP as a family member. It may tell you something about their values but it probably just tells you that they have a family. They must think that being a family member wins votes. The problem with this is that if family members are useful as political propaganda then they are also useful for political criticism and the MPs don't have a defence if family members make the news.

A similar line could be taken when MPs mention their religion. They hope that their participation reflects positively on them. Politicians expect their private life to make the news because they put themselves forward for criticism - hopefully positive. Today (6th November) David Cameron has told us about the importance of his Christian faith. He also tells us that his faith becomes "hotter and colder by moments" but he does not pray for guidance.

David wants the best of both worlds. He wants the religious vote but he also wants the secular vote. Humility is a fine Christian attribute but not one commonly found in politicians. God is important to the Conservative leader but not that important. If you have "faith" then the least you could do is ask for guidance. Unfortunately for him, his religious viewpoint just leads to a hypocritical conclusion.

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