Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Falling TV standards

The national TV news has shown us a video from The Sun in which a mother whose son has died, calls Gordon Brown's letter of sympathy a "hastily scrawled insult". Gordon's spelling did let him down and he apologised for that. Now I don't know our PM personally but I am fairly sure that he didn't deliberately set out to insult anyone. In fact I think that he thinks it is his duty to console the families of our fallen soldiers. It also looks to me like he takes this role extremely seriously and handwritten notes are part of his plan.

I am not a Gordon Brown fan so I won't go on, but the main point I want to make is about the standard of journalism that allows this news item to make the headlines. Television has fallen to the levels of The Sun. It is tabloid journalism that we don't normally find on TV.

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  1. I'm not a fan either. Something like this however shouldn't have made headlines.
    However, if the name wasn't spelt correctly it is an insult, and it wouldn't have taken long to check the spelling. [i get both my first name and surname spelt incorrectly quite often, and it is insulting.] If his aim is attention to detail, it should be every detail.
    Back to the topic, I've noticed TV news seems to prioritise the most insignificant UK stories, whilst skimming over other more news-worthy stories...but only if no UK residents were harmed. I'm sure the news used to be national, international THEN trivia as an after thought.