Monday, 9 November 2009

Driving again

I drove from Morecambe to Sutton Coldfield yesterday. I have written about driving recently and it gone some response so I will try again. If you leave the M6 at junction 12, turn left and drive along the A5 you are driving along the former Roman road called Watling Street. You may know that the Romans built straight roads and Watling Street was no exception - until they built the M6 Toll road.

The first thing to notice about the A5 is that there are probably more signs telling you that there are speed cameras than there are signs that tell you the speed. Experts of the highway code may tell me that they can identify the limits at any point, but I can't. I shout out the limit every time I see it. Then we pass a roundabout and I am never quite sure if the speed limit was the same on the other roads, in particular the one I am taking. Never mind. I'll soon see a sign telling me there are speed cameras. Things have improved over the years and there are a few more speed limit signs but I think that there are still more camera signs.

What hasn't improved is the signage for the directions to Sutton Coldfield and back to the motorway. I used to know my route exactly. Now I have to follow signs for Birmingham. On the way back I am told that to get to the motorway I can follow M6 Toll (no thanks) or A5. Yes please. If I follow other signs for the M6 I would be on the toll road. It's a good job I know the way.

Change the world.

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