Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dennis Skinner's joke

I saw the queen's speech today. All the pomp and ceremony was fine but the highlight was Dennis Skinner who said *here comes the Royal expenses" (or something like that) when the MPs were called to see the queen. Prior to the queen's speech there was a comment from Peter Mandelson about the need for the queen to go through this ceremony and tell of the government's intentions even when there was no hope of passing the legislation. It may be that one or two bills do get passed but I see the point of the question. Peter continued by saying that if there was no speech then the opposition would say that the government had run out of steam.

Later in the morning a Conservative spokesperson said the queen's speech was purely about political posturing for the general election. Nick Clegg's comment was that the whole thing was a waste of time. We have Labour saying that they have to go through the motions for positive reasons, Tories saying they are going through the motions for negative reasons and Nick Clegg saying stop going through the motions, it's a wasted effort. There seems to be widespread agreement that nothing will happen so let's stop wasting tax payers money. I smiled when I heard Dennis Skinner but whether you support the royal family or not, it does look like we are wasting her time and our money.

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